Filtration Information
Filtration on my system is simple I run 4 filter socks which are 7" in diameter and are made of 100 micron fabric.  I have 3 sets of 4 which get replaced weekly. I wash the dirty socks in the washer with bleach until clean and hang dry them.  I had the sump custom built with a rack to hold the filter socks as well as 4 intakes for the 4 drains of the tank to connect to.  I drew up the sketch and sent it off to Dan's Aquatics out of San Antonio; total water volume is around 80 gallons.

CAD Sketch

Final Sump

Back shot of sump

Removable rack with 4- 7" diameter holes
I run carbon in a fluval canister filter which gets replaced every 3 to 4 weeks. I also have about 300lbs of live rock ranging from Tonga branch, Kaleni, and Lalo select which is all about 5 years old now. My Deltec skimmer also keeps tank water clean in tandem with 80 watts of UV.

I perform at least a 100gallon water change a month, sometimes 200 gallons.  I have a drain valve plumbed in on the output of the pump that feeds my chiller. So when its water changing time I drain my dump with the valve then fill up the sump with the fresh saltwater and start the system again.  Once a month during water change day I will take a shop vacuum and clean out the sump of any detritus and remaining water before filling the sump up again.