Lighting Information

I have always believed in bringing as much light as I can into my tanks which I keep Acropora in as well as running a lot Actinic VHO lighting.  So when I set out on planning the lighting for this tank I stayed with my old faithful 400 watt Metal Halides and I wanted to cram as much VHO actinic bulbs as I could in the tank.  Quite a few people called me crazy when I said I was going to put in 4- 72" and 8-24" VHO's over the tank lol. I also wanted to have a light rack in which I could use a pulley to raise them off of the tank so that I could easily work in the tank.  This was my first time working with aluminum and rivets, it turned out good but took me a few days to make as well as I broke 3 rivet guns.

Lighting equipment:

  • 4 - 400 watt Reeflux 10k's in Lumenarc Reflectors
  • Sunlight Supply Blue Wave 7 HQI Dual 400w Ballast
  • Sunlight Supply Blue Wave 2 Dual 400W Ballast
  • 4 - 72" URI VHO Actinic blubs
  • 8 - 24" URI VHO Actinic blubs that are between the lumenarcs
  • 4 - IceCap 660 VHO ballasts

First Rivet

First broken rivet gun

Finished outer frame of light rack

Pulleys mounted to boards which are screwed into studs in the ceiling

Lumenarc with first set of 24" VHO's hanging

Light rack almost complete except I added 4 more 24"VHO's