Tank Info
We decided on a size of 96" x 30" x 25" tall (300 Gallons) Kingfish Aquariums drew up the tank how I wanted it from external overflow size and placement of holes in the bottom of the tank.

Sketch of tank
The tank is made by A.G.E(Acrylic & Glass Exhibits ) out of Houston Texas
  • Front Panel Starphire 1/2"
  • Other panels 1/2" plate
  • Acrylic perimeter support 3/4"
  • External Overflow 3/8" acrylic black sides clear bottom P.V.C. Type 1 Sch. 80 bottom 1" with holes custom milled to accept Hayward hex nut bulkheads.
  • Rear panel has been C.N.C. machined to give a weir for overflow.
  • Custom black acrylic overflow teeth, whole for teeth cut with a water jet

CNC Machine cutting holes made for the Hayward Bulkheads

Finished Bulkhead holes

Overflow Box with holes for 1.5" bulkheads

Overflow Teeth

Front Shot just after finished

Top Shot


Stand was also made by A.G.E. it is steel stand with leveling feet.

Stand being leveled

here is the tank before the wall went up

Overflows without stand pipes

I ordered CJ standpipes to quite my overflows, I have used them on all of my past tanks and they always work great. I got them from Nautlis Reef


Mega CJ Stand pipes 2" plumbing


Close up


We had a friend down the street build the false wall for in font of the tank.  He matched the wood trim around the tank to match our houses existing interior trim and cabinets.

Wall framed out

Halfway finished

Wall finished expect stain and hardware
Top doors open and one set of bottom doors open

Wall Stained but not clear coated

Wall and room as of January of 2008